Everyone has a different study style.  It helps to know what keeps you from studying or breaks your concentration.

  • If you have a tough time getting started, make goals for yourself.  These give you an incentive to start and finish your work.
  • If you get distracted easily, create a study area without a television or computer (unless you’re using it for homework).  Keep any cell phones in a different room.
  • Music can actually help when doing math, but keep it low.
  • If you find some subjects difficult no matter how much you study, ask for help.  RCHS has quite a few resources to help you get the best possible grade.
  • Let your teacher know, they can try to explain it in a new way or may even help you find a tutor.


Know how to tackle an assignment.  Have a clear plan.

  • Make a list of the things you’ll need to complete the assignment.  (Colored pencils, book, lined paper, etc.)
  • Then prioritize what needs to be done first. (Research, drawing, reading an article, etc.)
  • Next set a deadline for completing each task.  This works best when you have a large report or project so that you may be able to finish on time.


Tests don’t have to be torture.  Just be sure to review everything you’ve been working on over the last few days or weeks.

  • Highlight important points in your notes
  • Go over quizzes and homework from the same unit.  Look up answers to the problems or questions you don’t understand.
  • Reread chapter summaries in your textbooks, they’re usually at the end of each chapter.



There is no such thing as too many books stack of books