It all begins right now.  You may not have a good idea of what you want to be as an adult, or you may know you want to work with computers or be a police officer.  Maybe you want to work with wood, plumbing, steel or electricity.  Either way, the choices you make, even during your freshman year, will impact the person you become.  The better you do now, the more opportunities you’ll have when you’re older.

Goals are like stepping stones.  Each on you reach helps wit the next.  Now that you’re starting high school, you’ll have to start thinking about the big picture – what you want in life and how you’re going to get there.  Even if this isn’t your freshman year, it’s never too late to start planning your future.

Think about short, medium and long-term goals, they can be personal or academic.

  • Short-term goals help you stay on track.  For example,d doing well on a test or joining a club, volunteering for a local charity or animal shelter.  All these can set you on track to your eventual career.
  • A medium-term goal, such as making the honor roll, passing chemistry class, attending everyday, is usually the result of reaching several short-term goals.
  • Long-term goals, such as graduating high school on time, are a result of all the goals that came before then.


Think, what goals do you have?  Write down 3 short-term goals you may have to get your started.  You can show them to a teacher, school counselor, or someone else that works at the school and ask them for guidance on how to stay on track and reach them.