Rapid City High School is an alternative high school in the Rapid City Area School District. As such, the enrollment process at RCHS is different than it is at the other high schools.


Three steps need to be completed in order to enroll at Rapid City High School:


1.) Application

An application to RCHS must be filled out and submitted, either online (at the link below) or on paper. Applications on paper must be turned in during office hours (7:30 – 4:30 year-round). Paper applications are available in the RCHS main office, as well as all RCAS middle and high schools.


Click Here to Apply to RCHS Online


2.) Orientation

Applicants to RCHS are contacted first-come, first-serve* to attend RCHS Orientation, an informational meeting that helps students and parents understand RCHS better and whether it will be right for them. Students must attend orientation with a guardian. 


*The only exception to first-come, first-serve is the special education application process, as a determination must first be made by the student’s IEP team and the potential IEP team at RCHS as to whether the student’s needs can be met by RCHS’s programming.


3.) Registration

Students who successfully submit an application and attend orientation must then attend an appointment with the RCHS registrar to register for classes. Students must attend with a guardian. Only after this appointment is the student is considered enrolled at RCHS.


To summarize, the steps to enroll at Rapid City High School are very simple and straightfoward: application, orientation, registration. 


Feel free to call  the registrar’s office at (605) 394-4028 with any questions.